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Qinux Printpixy kids camera


Printpixy, the new learning camera designed for children. With it you can teach your children the art of photography and design .

Do you want your children to learn to design and take photos? Do you want to introduce them to image editing? Thanks to an integrated editing program, and an APP to edit .gif and .jpg files, you can create compositions and put them on paper with its integrated printer.

In addition, the operating system has a complete entertainment center. What more could a child ask for?

Technical characteristics

Image quality 1080P with integrated zoom, 32GB SD Card, Black and white printer.

Bluetooth communication with smartphone and tablet. Easy-to-use app with image and video editing.

Built-in microphone to talk while recording videos.

Enjoy its full potential

If you are on an excursion or on vacation with your children, nephews or grandchildren, having an activity to enjoy is essential. Qinux PrintPixy will allow you to spend hours of play while the children learn.

In addition, you will instantly have beautiful memories of any moment. You can turn the art of photography into a game every day.

This camera is an excellent opportunity to improve the quality of your children’s leisure time.

Qinux Printpixy photos and games
Qinux Printpixy camera for kids

Activity proposal

In case you think it’s just another toy that will end up in the junk drawer. We propose an activity to have fun as a family with Qinux Printpixy.

Family calendar photos

Propose your children to take photos every season, so that at the end of the year they can create a family calendar. It is a fun and educational activity. They will learn to work as a team and how to carry out an organized rubber project.

Other fun activities

There are dozens of activities and small projects that can entertain the little ones with a camera. From one-day games to projects that last a whole year or many years! It depends on each child and the encouragement of each parent. I find these very interesting and you can use the Printpixy camera to start the little ones:

  • A day in nature. (photos of animals, plants, landscapes…)
  • Family photo album.
  • The diary of a pet.
  • Play to create a map of a house, a farm, a beach, a campsite, etc. using photos of each area.
  • Learn to put together collages, calendars, photo albums, etc. from the earliest age.
  • Take photos just because. Improvising is the most fun.
  • Finally, any game you can think of with a camera. The important thing is to have fun with the little ones and for them to learn and develop socially.
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